Electronic Cigarette Distribution

How to get National Distribution for Electronic Cigarettes

Mr. Checkout Distributors, Inc. is a Florida-based company that has enjoyed tremendous growth since it was founded in 1989. From humble beginnings as a small operation, Mr. Checkout Distributors, Inc. has today blossomed into a diverse enterprise that encompasses 133 distributors and wholesale distribution warehouses throughout the United States. This formidable network efficiently services the timely and direct delivery of various products to over 25,000 partner convenience and grocery stores nationwide. We deal almost exclusively with fast moving consumer goods which are rapidly dispersed to far-flung customers via our impressive chain of distributors, merchandisers, and business-to-business logistics companies.

Our company is not a franchiser per se, because all our route distributors operate independently and can thus exercise complete autonomy and control over their business and marketing procedures. Our major strength lies in our unmatched logistical network, which has made us one of the premier choices for the rapid dispersion of goods nationwide. Analysts foresee electronic cigarettes selling more than traditional cigarettes in the United States within the next decade. Any electronic cigarette manufacturer seeking to quickly establish themselves nationally will benefit immensely from the incomparable experience that Mr. Checkout Distributors Inc. has in wholesaling to convenience stores in all corners of the country.

At Mr. Checkout Distributors Inc. we understand that getting national distribution for electronic cigarettes, just like most other fast selling products, can often be a difficult and frustrating undertaking. Rising profit margins from the increasing sales of electronic cigarettes has inevitably led to a steady decline in revenues from conventional cigarettes. This has left the big tobacco companies struggling to keep their profits margins up and plug their hemorrhaging sales figures. Many have been forced to make forays into the electronic cigarette field, which has led to several product launches in this market and only served to make it even more competitive. It is perhaps probable that Big Tobacco may eventually come to dominate most of this market segment, leaving only a select few niche brands to fight over whatever scraps remain.

If such issues are not enough to convince you on why Mr. Checkout Distributors is your best bet when it comes to how to get national distribution for your electronic cigarette brand, perhaps you will be swayed by our unique and innovative product marketing blitz. Mr. Checkouta��s Product Blitz is a highly-popular service that will provide your electronic cigarette company with an excellent avenue to quickly launch or distribute your product into thousands of independent retailers and convenience that are part of our network. Mr. Checkout will do this while simultaneously your brand name as your product moves forward along our distribution chain.

The process involves our distributors prominently displaying your electronic cigarettes and signage in strategic, high-traffic areas within their busy retail establishments, where they can easily catch the attention of potential customers. For your convenience, you get to choose the cities and number of stores that you want us to blitz during our campaign. Our distribution partners will then target these stores with weekly sales services that will be vital in building excellent working relationships with the store owners. Our in-store marketing expertise may thus prove invaluable in attaining nationwide distribution for your electronic cigarette brand.

As proof of our ability to deliver on all our guarantees, Mr. Checkout has compiled a detailed database of over 800 members of our distributor network throughout the country, which can be promptly sent to you in pdf format. The list includes the distributors personal and company name, physical address, telephone contacts, as well as the number of stores they service in their location. The list is regularly updated as the number of our distributora��s increases. We are always on the lookout for new marketing partnerships for fast selling consumer products. Your path to getting national distribution for electronic cigarettes passes through Mr. Checkout. Please feel free to get in touch with us directly or on our website at www.mrcheckout.net for more information.

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