General Merchandise

General line of merchandise or general merchandise is a term used in retail and wholesale business in reference to merchandise not limited to some particular category.

Recommended General Merchandise Suppliers:


2015 Limited Edition Swimsuit Calendar

Miniature Picnic Tables & Woodcrafts:

Holiday Cruise Gift Cards:

FIFO Wireless:

Ultimate Product Distributors:

Duracell Batteries:

180  Party Cup

SleevitBand – Cig & Lighter Holster

Lyrokz – Let your wrists do the roking

Valley Technology – Safety Sunglasses

Play Slip Numbers

Rhyme Bones – Reveal your mood for the day.

Big Ideas Marketing

Eyecatcher Gifts

Super Mario Kid’s Watch

Tees-R-USA Wholesale T-Shirts

Gag Gifts by TPH Enterprise

Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles

The Lottery Genie

Save on Credit Card Processing .

Emoji iPhone Sticker Packs

Jot It Smartphone Accessories

Get Up and Go… Energy Baked Goods are here!

Funtastic Rack Toy Program

Kabang Energy Candy – fast turning & profitable!

Go Swype – Clean your cell phones!

Work In Motion – Get Tone in Your Own Chair

Fashion Watches Program – Route Opportunity!

Sky Lanterns – You have to see the YouTube!

Light Load Towels – The Trial / Travel Size Towel

Text Message Bracelets – Hot New Novelty!

LOL Bandz

Sunglasses ADC

C-Store Displays

Dog-Tags and TxtMsg Bracelets

Loom Bandz

Halo Sani-Cuffs Wristbands


Price Master Corp 

ToCo Auto Warranty –

Big Industry Show