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Garber Bros Inc. has been providing a tradition of the highest quality products, programs and services to their customers for about 60 years. Initially starting as a candy and tobacco wholesaling company, Garber Bros eventually grew to be larger than expected and had to expand off from their parent company to better serve their market.

With a focus on small retail relationships Garber Bros Inc. main goal is to establish a healthy relationship between customer and client. Their account representatives provide weekly store visits to verify that you are up to date on new product offerings, merchandising and marketing opportunities. By working with you they can help to improve your sales and provides while optimizing the effectiveness of the trade between the retailed and Garber Bros.

Based out of Stoughton, MA, Garber Bros Inc. has a full fleet of refrigerated trucks to supply the surrounding regions that qualify for their distribution range. They provide customized in-store delivery services and keep your products as fresh as possibly prior to arrival at your store-front retailer.

Following is a more detailed look into the services that they offer;

1) Food Service

With several foodservice products under their belt, Garber Bros can provide you the variety of food services that you would want out of a major distributor. With their products ranging from coffee to pizza, they can easily adapt to the market with which you need to hit. The range of stock products they provide are; candy, tobacco, grocery, beverage, frozen, refrigerated, HBC & GM, seasonal , automotive, snack foods, ethnic foods, store supplies , foodservice, coffee and fresh foods.


2) Marketing & Merchandising

On top of the food services they provide, Garber Bros Inc. also manages to provide its customers with a variety of support programs. Covering the topic of marketing, merchandising and technology they are able to support their customers as they establish themselves as a retailer. With the difficulties being focusing on these aspects of a new business, Garber Bros helps to give the retailer more time to focus on their business and everyday options with less worry given to how and when their products are coming.

In conclusion, Garber Bros Inc. is a relatively small distribution company but has effectively established all the services of a nationwide distributor. If a customer would rather not deal with a large chain of retailers, this could be the company that works best for that. Added with a little local twist, and you have a successful distribution company.
Garber Bros Inc.
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