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Flash In The Pan Marketing

Flash In The Pan Marketing

By June Collier

What is Flash In The Pan Marketing?

Before you make a blog post, before you post to your Facebook timeline or before you shoot your next video, ask yourself this question, “What is my marketing focus?”

The next question you should ask yourself is, “Who is my target audience?”

Finally, ask this important question, “What am I expecting to get in return from the effort I am putting into creating this content?”

Most marketers these days are selling the hype. They are nothing more than business opportunity hype men. They spout off about how much success they are having and money they are making. They spend the majority of miraflextheir time flashing cash, showing checks, or standing next to fancy cars they claim are theirs.

Their marketing focus is what I call, “Flash in the Pan Marketing”. This is marketing that produces a momentary display of excitement but has no substantial long-term effect. It is great at moving people to quickly make buying decisions, but is often short lived and usually results in buyer’s remorse.

Many marketers use this strategy because it doesn’t take much thought to produce. It’s easy to sell hype; there’s not much effort that needs to be put into creating it. Drink a Red Bull, do a couple of push ups, turn on the camera and you are ready to go.

The type of audience that are attracted to this type of marketing are people who have shallow business experience. They are moved and make business decisions based on their immediate emotions. They oftentimes do not consider any other factors besides how they “feel”.

Because they make decisions based on their emotions, they will immediately join the business and be very excited. This excitement will last for a brief moment of time until it wears off and they are faced with the reality of what it really takes to become successful… WORK!

Study has shown that roughly 70% of society has a strong compassionate personality. That means that most people react based on their feelings. They are the exact type of people hype men are looking for.

In return for their flash in the pan marketing, hype marketers expect to recruit large amounts of people into their business opportunity. If successful, these marketers will make fast short term income. As far as their recruits… some recruits will succeed, most won’t.

Flash In The Pan Marketing


    • Flash in the Pan Marketing works extremely well for getting people into your business opportunity.
  • Because 70% of society has a strong compassionate personality, good hype men can recruit a healthy number of people into their business.
  • You don’t need much social proof to hype up a business opportunity. All that is required is to talk about the money and paint the dream.


    • Flash in the Pan Marketing is horrible for keeping people in your business opportunity.
    • Because you will recruit compassionate people, they will quickly move to join the next hype man marketing a new and improved money making program.
  • People who make decisions based on their current feelings will become more trouble than you need as a leader. They will constantly complain or become the most needy persons on your team.

Flash In The Pan Marketing is quick and easy, but there is a opposite marketing strategy that produces long-term results.

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June Collier is an exceptional consultant with years of training in recruiting, social media and direct sales. His specialty niche is teaching Internet marketers how to brand and market themselves online using Web 2.0 technologies.

June is giving away access to his video training, “How To Get Free Leads Using AdWords without Paying A Penny to Google.” ( http://thenpn.com/at/58329 )

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Social Media Marketing – A New World Order Or Just a Flash in the Pan?

By Chris Cornell

Originally, social media were designed to facilitate the dissemination of information or media via social interaction. Social media is characterized by highly accessible and often user-friendly methods of publishing such as via the internet or other web-based technology that is capable of reaching an enormous audience and allows the contribution of differing views or additional information almost instantaneously.

This phenomenon has effectively superseded traditional industrial media (newspapers, film and television), by transforming news or social developments into social dialogues. Social media allows numerous sources of information on the same topic to be created and accessed, the content of which is referred to as user-generated content or consumer-generated media. With such a wide reach, it is no surprise that the marketing sphere has embraced it wholeheartedly.

Given the vastness of the online world and potentially limitless number of audience members, the idea of social media marketing is an appealing one. Marketing through social media should be thought of as a viable option when you consider the fact that the most affluent consumers are the most likely to be influenced by media when it comes to the selection of home repair services. In general, online reviews and opinions have begun to play a large part in swaying the decisions of many consumers on a myriad of services and goods.

Traditionalists may be leery of social marketing because it does not afford them control they are used to when compared to more traditional forms of marketing. However, by relinquishing this control and moving away from highly-directed ad campaigns, marketing through social media allows the development of two-way communication (between you and consumers), build an influential community and subsequently generate buzz around your product or service. At the very least, the very presence of social marketing and its potential for widespread global influence is reason enough for traditional marketing to change its approach, e.g. listening more to what people want instead of merely pushing something on them.

Many companies or businesses may find it a great wrench to move away from more traditional marketing and into media marketing. It’s true that time is needed to fully come to grips with a different approach to information, but when used correctly, social media can eventually prove to be a great return on their investment.

At the end, I’d like to share cool website with more information on topics like Social Media Marketing and Social Media. Visit for more information.

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