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Five Tips to THRIVE in a Virtual Sales Environment

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the planet has altered dramatically. The conventional office climate has changed, and individuals are discovering new ways of doing their work. In order for staff members to communicate and operate from anywhere, technology has played an intrinsic role in making work more convenient.

Through re-strategizing, changing business processes and continuing to drive revenue, sales teams are ideally equipped to fully leverage this new virtual world. After all, to carry out its regular duties, the sales team doesn’t need an office. Today, businesses have infinite opportunities for digitally linking their workers.

Properly handling remote work would maintain the sales team and assist them to become more profitable. Below are five main thriving sales divisions that should be introduced to perform at their best.

Promote Employee Engagement and Collaboration

The decline in opportunities for team members to communicate with each other is one of the main challenges of operating remotely. The creation of normal, transparent and truthful lines of communication between teams and within the team is crucial. These cadences, properly executed, promote cohesiveness and offer members an opportunity to freely address issues. Managers can evaluate the attitude of each sales individual easily, and make the required changes quickly to help them find progress and concentrate on driving pipeline goals.

In most situations, the team can learn to rely on each other to practically sustain and develop social relationships. Senior management can create momentum and incentive to meet revenue targets with open communication lines, while retaining consistency within the sales team.

Keep the contact lines informal and enjoyable by incorporating lunch hour video calls, 15 minute huddles, virtual happy hours, etc., in addition to daily cadences. Such informal discussions produce fresh ideas and help team members make the required changes to feel rejuvenated, satisfied with their job and challenged to compete.

Give Sales Professionals Information as a Tool to Succeed

Inside sales teams, a CRM is a standard practice for measuring success based on metrics, and sales professionals are used to relying on them to make their own changes. Not only is it important to continue monitoring metrics, but to communicate them in an even more timely way. In reality, in this model, sales people will benefit far more than their non-sales peers as they have access to information that other departments do not and are comfortable reviewing their own success and finding pitfalls to their strategy.

In order to control operation, pipeline management and forecasting, CRM systems are installed. For the success of your sales team, this technology is needed. However, it is important to find a balance-the technology used to track metrics should not be so burdensome as to be overwhelming. Any metrics that you want to control should clearly provide each sales individual with coaching opportunities. This is a fantastic opportunity to guide sales teams into a virtual future that is successful.

Reset Goals

Companies have been struggling to change and establish a coherent plan for the near and distant future, so it is easy to lose track of the main goals and strategies of the organization. Employees have been laid off in some situations by shifting workload to those already working, distracting the sales person from achieving the original objective.

It might be time to review and potentially reset your corporate agenda and priorities once your company has stabilized and workers have adjusted to remote work. Take a look at the goals you have set for the remainder of the year and decide if, considering your team’s structure, they are practical. If not, try resetting the targets or redefining them. Sales teams are guided by targets, and the setting of objectives is like a compass that indicates true north. Not only do ambitious goals bring down morale, they also create doubt within the management team as strategy and reality do not match up. Achievable goals are what are needed to create trust and confidence.

Celebrate Sales Team Achievements

Other than celebrating victories, nothing motivates a sales team. Via celebrating every win at every opportunity, make it enjoyable. When rewarded for their accomplishment, sales staff always feel the most reward, so ensure that you have an internally set up mechanism that suits your organizational culture, such as a virtual bell-ringing.

Within the squad, these experiences raise morale and strengthen cohesion. For team competition, games and parties, sales leaders can create opportunities. It’s a welcome respite, with so much tension and confusion due to the pandemic.

Hire Sales Professionals with Remote Sales Experience

For all firms, hiring your sales organization has just changed. As for the new recruits, you are no longer constrained by geography. You can now recruit and concentrate on recruiting applicants who work remotely with experience. Ask about past job experience, and working in a simulated world, for success stories. This is the new standard and it just got easier to recruit because you now have the whole country to recruit from.

Finally, make sure you reconsider your remote experience of onboarding. Instead of 8-hour days of presentations, this could mean running module-based training; or adding daily checkpoints in the training phase where fresh workers are checked on the skills they have just gained.

Thriving sales teams rely on talented management. And businesses around the world have found out how business can be sustained and grown. Consider these tips to help your business navigate this pandemic and create purpose when facing hardship if your team is not. Although sitting one-on-one with colleagues provides a meaningful physical experience, our need for fundamental human contact can also be virtually fulfilled by working with colleagues.

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