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Fair for Life

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Get Fair Trade Certified by IMO

In the past, only farmers in those geographical areas and for small farm products had access to Fair Trade certification; no U.S. grower would have been eligible for certification. With the development of the Fair for Life Accredited program by the Institute for Marketology, this changed (IMO). Established in 2006, the Fair Trade scheme was extended to include a wider range of certification items, manufacturing forms, and countries. It deals with domestic and international commerce.

The IMO Fair Trade system, unlike conventional Fair Trade systems, claims that even in ‘developed countries’ there may be labor laws that give farm workers only minimal protection, that institutional and governmental support may be imbalanced or inadequate to sustain local agriculture/industry, and that some disadvantaged communities may need support in the face of concentration and internat In other words, farmers will be at a socio-economic disadvantage in any region. In 1991, IMO (founded in 1989) and Ecocert Organic Certifiers of France joined together. As part of their scheme, “Fair for Life” operates through cooperatives and promotes community development projects (trademarks of Fair Trade).

In addition, IMO places special emphasis on organic development, making its partnership with Ecocert all the more significant. While they recognize and begin certification of all production processes, their annual changes and recommendations are to drive all non-organic producers towards organic products on an ongoing basis.

How To Get FAIR FOR LIFE Certified (Fair Trade Certified By IMO) For A Food or Beverage Product

Being Fair Trade certified boosts the acceptance of your food or beverage product in today’s highly-competitive market. This guide gives a practical explanation on how to get Fair For Life certification. Let’s begin!

Get Started With The Application Process

To get your Fair Trade certification, you’d have to contact IMO requesting the application requirements and details. You must contact IMO since the requirements are different for various food or beverage products. After contact, ensure you provide the necessary information and data to IMO when filling the application.

Upon submitting the application forms, IMO sends the quotation and cost of the Fair For Life certificate and explains the procedures. The cost estimate includes the pre-audit charge as well as the certification cost. These fees are expected to be paid to the designated payment information shared with the applicant. After payment, the contract is signed to launch the next phase.

Preparation of Audit

IMO forwards your details from the application to its verified auditor who’s briefed about your food or beverage product. The auditor prompts IMO to propose a date for auditing and inspecting your food or beverage production facility. In most cases, IMO sends internal auditors for proper inspection and issue of confidentiality and trust broken in the past.

Before the audit, your food production company is expected to complete operator profiles before the visiting date. These operator profiles provide the auditor with the necessary information required to better access and interview the operators. It’s your place to, therefore, inform your staff ahead of the auditor’s visit. This enables your production team and staff to conduct self-assessment. 

The Audit Proper

The audit procedure begins with a physical visit from the IMO auditor to your production units. Ensure you have all units listed during the application to properly evaluate and assess your food or beverage production. The auditor then reviews your staff and operators’ documentation and profiles as stated in the details sent to IMO.

After the evaluation of the profile, the auditor begins a routine interview with the operators and staff. The interview process involves asking questions about the details of production. Every operator and staff is expected to confirm the production materials and process as explained in the application. The IMO auditor discusses findings and corrective measures to your team for better standards.

The Fair For Life Certification 

The final stage of getting your Fair For Life certificate involves approval from the certificate officer. He/she crosschecks, evaluate, and finalizes the report for approval or denial. The certification officer is also a qualified member of the IMO team assigned to each region to screen food or beverage companies requesting Fair Trade certification. 

Upon the report’s approval, the certification officer approves your food or beverage product for Fair Trade certification. A certification notification follows this process to your company, indicating the approval of your Fair Trade certificate process. You’re then required to clear the final invoice sent by IMO. After which, the certificate and reports would be sent over to your team.


Mr. Checkout is a national association of independent wagon-jobbers and full-line distributors. We distribute product to approximately 35,000 independent stores around the country and are always seeking the next hot new product. If you have a product, we want to hear from you!