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We want to be your trusted global food creator and we promise to create only high-quality products that are trusted worldwide.

Since we established in 2015, we have been distributing our high quality products throughout South Korea and internationally to China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.

In 2017 we received the best packaging design award for our Almond and Chili Snack Packaging.

In 2018 We were selected as a HIT500 by Small and Medium Business Corporation, in addition to becoming certified as a promising small and medium export company by the ministry of small and medium business venture. 

In 2019 we developed three new flavors as well as became certified as an agricultural industrial convergence company.

Our Product Line

Out two most popular snacks are the Almond and Chilli Snack. 

Almond Snack

Sweet and healthy almonds with savory sesame seeds, in a smooth teriyaki sauce blend. Baked in the oven without frying in oil. Seaweed (S. Korea) 19.4%, Almond (USA) 48.4%, roasted sesame, teriyaki sauce. (20g). Almond snack has a healthy serving of almonds from California mixed and placed in between two sesame teriyaki seasoned seaweed chips. Product #SA1.

Chili Snack

Flavorful healthy snack with roasted buckwheat, savory sesame seeds, in a spicy fire chicken sauce. Baked in the oven without frying in oil. Seaweed (S. Korea) 21.2%, Buckwheat (Chinese) 39.5%, fried sesame, and bulgogi sauce. (20g). Our chili snack is spicy chili flakes mixed with buckwheat and delicious sesame seeds, in between roasted chicken seasoned seaweed chips. Product #SC1.

We are happy to introduce our three new flavors.

Teriyaki seaweed chips 

A crispy snack baked in the oven with a teriyaki sauce placed in between two pieces of seaweed. Seaweed (S. Korea) 66.7%, Seasoning value 33.3%, (13g). Our Teriyaki seaweed chips are particularly loved by children since they have a sweet and savory flavor. Product #ST1.

Double Chili seaweed chips

 A spicy crispy snack baked in the oven with two different chili pastes and chili sauce. Seaweed (S.Korea) 66.7%, Seasoned liquid-2 (Spicy) 33.3% (13g). Our double chili seaweed chips are super spicy, we dare you to try. 

Product #SC2. 

Xylitol seaweed chips  

It’s a sweet and crispy snack that combines seaweed along with natural xylitol together. Seaweed (S. Korea) 66.7%, seasoning 28.3%, xylitol powder (Finland, etc.) 5%. (13g). Our sweet xylitol seaweed chips have the sweetness of sugar minus the calories and it does not raise your blood sugar levels. 

Product #SX1.

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