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 Eonsmoke’s e-liquid vaporizer mods, flavored e-juice, dry herb wax pens, rechargeable electronic cigarettes and disposable e-cigs encompass the entire e-cig vape category.

FDA electronic cigarette regulations will disrupt the entire marketplace. We’ve already taken steps to ensure we meet all the proposed Food and Drug Administration’s e-cig future guidelines. All our products have already been stamped with the proper nomenclature.

All convenience stores carry several tobacco lines like Marlboro, Camel, Lucky Strike, Parliament, Pall Mall, Davidoff, Dunhill, Newport and Winston. C-stores also carry lines of rolling papers like EZ Wider, Joker and lets not forget corn cob pipes. Similarly, electronic cigarette vaporizers like Lorillard’s Blu, Logic, Eonsmoke, Njoy, V2 will also coalesce c-store shelves.

Eonsmoke e-vaporizers have been around since the beginning and will continue to do so. Our liquid vape line is fast selling in thousands of convenience stores, smoke and cigar shops and vapor lounges.

Our financial resources enable us to support retail stores and ecig distributors. We look forward to expanding your sales in the most professional and comfortable manner! Please see our contact information below…

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