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Excellent Narrow Counter Top 3tier Display (36 packs) – Contains: 1 Tray of Spearmint Energy Gum (12 Packs), 1 Tray of Peppermint Energy Gum (12 Packs), and 1 Tray of Cinnamon Energy Gum (12 Packs).- perfect as starter pack

Shipped prepacked ready to use.

Energy Bombs is the revolutionary way of consuming energy and essential Vitamins. The gum you love, the energy you need!

Best tasting caffeinated gum on the market
Best Value Energy Product on the Market
Immediate Effect
Great Taste
Zero fat
Only 5 calories per serving
With high dosages of B6 and B12 for effective energy

The gum is ideal for drivers, workers, pre-workout, get over that 3 pm wall, all day boost.

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Alon Lubezky
TLC- Tender Loving Care US
2101 Vista Parkway,
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
Phone 561.685.8439