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Take a Look at These Hot New Items

Great Margins, Ready for Retail

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illy Caffe

Rich & Bold Ready to Drink Coffee

100% Arabica coffee, rich espresso-based varieties and cold brew

Made from high-quality, natural ingredients and no added preservatives

Pure, balanced, smooth and bold taste

Great pricing for Mr. Checkout’s Distributors!

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Vana Life Foods

Instant Superfood Bowl Made w/ Green Chickpeas!

Eat plant-based meals in minutes with these microwavable pouches

New trendy product for the healthy food stores; also perfect for grocery stores

Non-GMO, USA-grown chickpeas are full of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals

Each BPA-free portion is packed with nutrient-rich protein!

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Plantiva: AllerDx (Pictured), ColdDx, & Digestiv

Clinically Tested, Natural Dietary Supplements

Merging Traditional and Western healing traditions since 1986

All Plantiva dietary supplements are natural, plant-based-formulas

12-capsule packets perfect for grab-and-go

Guarantees product quality, purity and efficiency

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