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Take a Look at These Hot New Items

Great Margins, Ready for Retail

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Nude Mints

World’s First Duo-Action Breath & Belly Freshener

Nude Mints provides a holistic solution to bad breath

First layer dissolves in the mouth within 5 seconds and provides instant freshness

Second smaller remaining capsules dissolves in the stomach and freshens upper GI Track

Breath will maintain freshness for up to 2 hours!

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AERON Lifestyle Technology

DriveTime (Pictured) & USB FlashScent

Fragrance diffuser products that promote well-being

Perfect for cars, homes, office, and more!

AERON will also help you populate your store shelves

Diffusing the great smells and reminding us of calmer times!!

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Mt. CBD Kombucha

16 oz. of Green Tea Based Kombucha w/ 10mg of Hemp-Derived CBD

4 fruit based flavors crafted with vegan. Non-GMO, and organic ingredients

Kombucha not only tastes great but delivers an experience like no other

Lightly carbonated in a luxury glass bottle

0% THC at an unbeatable price point!

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