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Take a Look at These Hot New Items

Great Margins, Ready for Retail

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Skinny Me Chocolate

Belgian Sugar Free Chocolate crafted and sweetened with stevia leaf extract. We create chocolate that tastes delicious without the  harmful, fattening effects of processed sugar.

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Adams Rib Rubb

Adams Rib Rubb LLC is a company dedicated to bringing out the best flavor in food, with the mission goal of spreading our all-purpose seasoning to home cooks, chefs, pitmasters and barbecue enthusiasts around the world. Our original, two decades proven blend of savory spices and sweet hickory can be sprinkled onto any meats, poultry or fish – forming a sticky, tasty liquid marinade.

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Frost Buddy

We were the first company to develop a Universal Can Cooler that fits a 12oz can, 12oz slim can, Coors light sized can, and 12oz Bottle. The can cooler has a unique internal design and a flexible silicon lid so that each size is a snug fit for a great drinking experience. The can cooler is double wall vacuum sealed stainless steel so every drink stays cold for 24 hours They have a powder coat or glossy finish and a silicon bottom to keep the can cooler from slipping on surfaces

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DiapaROO is focused on travel and convenience, selling a range of HBC and GM in pocket sized packets and kits. Main venues are convenience stores and travel shops. As much as we focus on quality, cost-saving prices are of equal importance to us. We know you deserve the best diaper for the best price. You can now have it without compromising your budget.