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Great Margins, Ready for Retail

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The Ugly Co. LLC.

All Ugly Co. products are 100% upcycled dried and diced/sliced fruit with nothing else. That’s right! No added sugar, no preservatives and all-natural. With nothing added, you get all the natural nutrition that fruit has to offer. With an average of 115 calories, the single serve packaging makes it a multi-functional, healthy snack alternative.

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Created in 2019, Nucolato is a hazelnut spread with no sugar added, zero palm oil, and gluten-free. Nucolato was conceived with three objectives; great taste, healthier option, and environmentally friendly.

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Squeezy Band

SQUEEZYBAND puts more of your essential hygiene needs in the palm of your hand. This wristband prevents contamination and allows you to carry all necessary liquids, such as hand sanitizer, lotion, liquid soap and more.