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Take a Look at These Hot New Items

Great Margins, Ready for Retail

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Kubisch Sausage

Top Selling Long John Snack Sticks!

Using only the highest quality ingredients

Beef is marinated with special blend of spices and smoked!

Perfect addition to any type of store

Many delicious varieties to choose from

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Category-Defining Hydration Beverage

Premium hydration & lifestyle beverage

Loaded with 3x the electrolytes & packed with 1.5x the Vitamins

ZERO Calories, Sugars, Sweeteners, Coloring, Stimulants= 100% Hydration!

Available in STILL ( white bottle) & SPARKLING (black bottle) variants

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Rip N Sip

Single Serve Pure Liquid CBD

Rip N Sip uses locally sourced hemp w/ 20mg CBD per packet

Products are free of all animal by-products and Gluten-Free

Flavorless formulation won’t change the taste of your favorite drink!

Great convenient store packs for easy grab-n-go!

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