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Top 5 Electronic Cigarette Wholesalers

Electronic Cigarettes have become one of the largest growing trends in recent years. In the advent of a multitude of laws that ban smoking in public places, people are looking for a more health conscious option. The distribution industry has been keen on keeping up with the demand of these new products.

To provide an alternative experience, the ecig lacks the majority of the carcinogenic properties that a traditional cigarette would possess. Most commonly, these electronic cigarettes utilize water vapors in order to recreate the experience of inhaling and exhaling smoke from your lungs.

With the healthier option and a considerable amount of saved expenses, these electronic cigarettes are becoming to be demand equal to that of natural tobacco products. Following is a list of some of the major wholesalers that focus on this specific market;

GTW Wholesale

This company is based out of Houston, TX and supplies the majority of the continental United States of America. In specific this company provides these products; Detox, Vaporizers, Grinders, Glass Hand Pipes, Novelty Pipes, Mask Pipes, Snuff Accessories, Inflators, Wooden pipes, Dugouts, Scales, Hookahs, Lighters, Soft Glass, & Waterpipes.

LanMark Alternative

LanMark Alternative is an organization that has only been around two years, yet they have become one of the major wholesalers for electronic cigarette options. They are based out of Bradenton, Florida and provide products that include; high quality Electronic Cigarettes and USA-Made liquid Kits, Mods, Parts, Batteries, and Accessories.

Hookah Sultan

Based out of Roslyn, New York, Hookah Sultan has become the largest wholesaler of electronic cigarettes and vapor products. Their products include; supply lighter cases, lighters, smoking accessories, hookahs, e-cigs and much more

Smokeless Selects Electronic Cigarettes

Smokeless Selects is a company based out of Temecula, California. They provide a high quality service with timely response on any of your customer service inquiries. They have some of the highest sell rates out of any ecig wholesaler and they supply both nationally and internationally.

Imperial Smoke Disposable Hookah

Imperial Smoke operates out of El Cajon, California. They have become a large producer of disposable hookahs that allow the user to smoke their product whenever and wherever they want. Specifically they provide 4 differing flavors; Strawberry Margarita, Blueberry Blast, Melon Dew Rush, and Peach Mango Paradise.