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About ECO Therapy CBD

Your wellness is personal. ECO Therapy’s 100% natural full-spectrum CBD, terpenes, essential oils and vitamins are formulated for your need state. We know the complexities of everyday life and the importance of a balanced day. Our specialty formulated vapes and mints are designed with balance in mind, helping you find your now, elevate the moment or direct your deepest dreams.

ECO Mints:

Making dosing more effective.

Why make a ritual of something that your body won’t absorb? Our mints use state of the art Nanotechnology, shrinking CBD particles so your body can actually use and benefit from more of the hemp plant’s magic. This process makes each use more effective, for those days when every little bit counts.

ECO Vapes:

No fillers. Ever.

We don’t believe in using anything “extra”. Our pens are 100% natural, meaning there is no PG, VG, MCT or vitamin E acetate carrier oil added to our formula. They contain just refined CBD oil with natural terpenes and essential oils. The way mother nature intended.

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ECO Therapy CBD
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