Providing quality service for over 120 years, Eby-Brown Co. has been a leading convenience store supplier and wholesale food distributer for a considerable amount of time. Based out of Naperville, IL, Eby-Brown has been a consistently been a large distributer of tobacco, candy and convenience products.

Being the largest privately owned distributor within the United States of America, Eby-Brown Co. employ approximately 2000 people across the country. They do this through 7 distribution centers that help to spread convenience all across America. With the exactly 1,433,000 square feet of warehouse space, Eby-Brown is able to live up their centuries old reputation of being a major Distributor.

Successfully serving 13,500 retail locations, Eby-Brown has been family owned for over 55 years. Dick and Tom Wake are the most recent over the owners and they continue to provide a successful distributing service for major convenience store locations all across America.

With an extreme sense of customer service, Eby-Brown Co. provide its clients with best-in-class service by providing a various of business solutions.


Technology Solutions

To take a forward thinking modern take on the industry, Eby-Brown successfully employs a full tool kit of technology to assist in the management of your business. Furthermore, these products help communicate your needs directly to Eby-Brown Co.

As a consumer, you can buy all of their software in a “Eby Toolbox”. Each different piece of software helps you to manage a different aspect of your distribution and receiving. Following are the different program names; category analyzer, cigarette replenishment, information manager, pricebook manager, daily tracker, invoice viewer, HIGH-5, smart handheld, Jennifer, Appian routing software, xatanet and dock scheduler.

Without going too in depth on each software, one can see that their technology covers a wide range of needs and services. If you want a more detailed idea of what each program, I suggest you take a look at their website: www.Eby-Brown.com


Marketing Solutions

On top of assisting a client’s needs digitally, Eby-Brown provides a variety of marketing solutions for their clients. The extensive list of programs is meant to help in the development and maximization of a company’s finances. The provided marketing services are; Category Insights, Category insights- foodservice edition, Monthly Merchandiser, Speed-to-Market, Super Saver, Suggested Planograms, Eby-Expo and Accrual Programs.

Much the same as the technology solutions, if you are interested in the complete details of each of these programs, I suggest you check out their website quickly.


Category Management

Category Management helps to assist in specifying on your purchases based upon the demands of your customers. Using the data that they have gathered through their databases, Eby-Brown can help you to buy a specific product range that you can be sure that your consumers will purchase.

Working directly with the customer, if you provide the data you have collected from your business for the past 12 months Eby-Brown can help you to establish the functional business you have always desired.

In summary, Eby-Brown is a distribution company that prides itself in the ability to provide a business model for their clients. This allows both Eby-Brown and the end consumer to benefit from the process by cutting back on costs and delivering the products that are proven to be the most effective sales items.


Eby-Brown Company Corporate Office
280 Shuman Blvd Naperville, IL 60566
(800) 553-8249