Don Chelada Michelada Cups

Don Chelada Michelada 1

Don Chelada® is the original and #1 prepared Michelada cup in the USA, made in three great flavors – original, spicy and lemon lime. It is a 24 oz logo cup which contains a stay fresh portion control cup filled with spices that guarantees freshness of the mix used to make the Michelada The consumer empties the cup of spices into the Don Chelada® cup and then pours their favorite beer on top of the spices to make their own Michelada. Plus, Don Chelada® has perfected the application of spices to the “Mega Rim” on the cups, guaranteeing a first class visual appeal and taste experience when they purchase and drink their Don Chelada® cups. Don Chelada® has become “the” requested Michelada cup by consumers, who can find their Don Chelada® cups by beer displays and mixer sets in convenience stores, grocery stores and other retailers across the USA.

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