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How To Distribute Products to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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How Do I Distribute My Product to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

You have THC products that you know could help a lot of people, and now that medical marijuana is legal, you want to know how to distribute THC products to medical marijuana dispensaries. Here is some advice for you, the budding entrepreneur, to follow so that your THC product can get into the display cases of dispensaries all across the nation:

Have a Plan of Action: According to Marijuana Business Daily, “Edibles and infused products companies are using two main strategies to tap multiple markets: sign licensing agreements with local manufacturers, or – depending on state laws – partner with a local cannabis business to make, sell and distribute their products.” Look at your product and decide which of these main plans of action will work for you. Weigh the pros and cons of signing a licensing agreement. If you choose to do the latter, you’ll need to find the contact information for the medical marijuana dispensaries’ buyers and set up a meeting to present your THC product.

Brand Your Product: Have a consistent package and a marketable brand image that will attract medical marijuana dispensaries’ attention and convince them to carry your THC product over another product. Similarly, consistent packaging simplifies the manufacturing process; in the case of a local licensing agreement, each box or label of your THC product needs to have space for local manufacturing information or mandatory legal language.

Know Local & National Laws: State rules and regulations can pose a big problem for those trying to break into the lucrative THC market. Familiarize yourself with the local laws of the states you plan to distribute your THC product in, and make sure you know national laws inside-out. Distribution laws are strict in general, but even stricter when it comes to medical marijuana-related products. You must know local and national requirements for packaging, and then build relationships with local manufacturers that will fulfill these requirements.

Don’t miss out on your chance to hop in on a 30 billion dollar industry. The Green Rosh is a real thing, and with every state that legalizes medical marijuana, another market opens up, as does another place where you can distribute your medical marijuana related THC products.

Make sure you understand residential requirements and the rules and regulations of interstate commerce so you don’t run unto any problems when distributing your THC product to medical marijuana dispensaries across state lines.

Do you have a product for dispensaries, we want to hear from you!