Wholesale Distributor

Distribute Canadian Nightcrawlers


Hi Distributors and Jobbers,

Please take your time and read through this business opportunity. I’m very excited about our new product and after reading this I’m sure you will be too. There is absolutely no risk to you at anytime.

For our product, you make the sale to c-stores, gas stations, etc, and we do the rest. We ship direct to your customer. There is no cost for you to incur because there is no inventory, no handling, no set fees, and no membership fees on your part. If you don’t make a sale you do not pay anything, ever. Only after you have made a sale, will you pay us and we ship direct to your customer. What you make is the mark up. Its all upside for you, will little effort in selling and no capital required!

Our product will sell itself and bring in new and returning customers.

Our product is Canadian Nightcrawlers and it’s set for launch in January 2011 along with our website. Consider this: It is a leader item. It will draw in customers, whom will most likely spend additional monies on snacks, drinks, cigarettes, and gas for their fishing trip. Also, margins for our product is good. Your stores will thank you and at no cost to become a distributor, it only makes sense to add our product to your catalogue. Further, no other bait company
is offering such services with distributors. No other company can offer one price with free shipping across US and CANADA; what you see it what you pay, no additional fees So it does not matter where your customers are located, you can offer our Nightcrawlers at one price point. We ship by the box, each containing 36 cups. This low quantity is there to promote a higher turnover and keep inventory fresh. This will lead to increase number of orders, and will lead to you making more money. No minimum order required, we ship whether you order 1 box or 1000 boxes.

So let me introduce myself, my name is Tuan Huynh and I am the CEO of Windsor Wholesale Bait. We are a long time wholesaler of worms, servicing the fishing industry. We’ve been in this industry for 25+ years. Last year alone we sold over 100,000,000 worms, we have one of the largest Canadian Nightcrawler warehouse in the world. Also, we have the largest Canadian Nightcrawler production lines in the world.

Ordering is simple. Once your account is created, you can place orders at anytime via our website. Our website is user friendly and will support mobile devices, such as blackberries, iPhones, iPads, and anything with a web browser. Once again I would like to mention, if you create an account and never place an order, you will NOT pay anything, there will be no fees.

Additionally we will launch with promotional items consisting of window stickers and cashier badges, both advertising the availability of Canadian Nightcrawlers within each store/gas station. We will be also be advertising online and through national fishing magazines.

We are currently gauging interest to determine the scope of our launch. Would you be interested in carrying our product? How many stores do you currently service?

I hope you will offer me the chance to work with you in launching our new products. If you have any comments, concerns, questions or anything at all, please feel free to contact me.

Tuan Huynh
C.E.O Windsor Wholesale Bait
email: [email protected]
mobile: 519-567-6764