Develop an Independent Distributor Network

Besides the cost to get a business off the ground, develop the product and meet regulations, one of the largest hindrances facing new products are the nagging question “How do I find people to sell my product?”.

Developing a vast network of independent distributors is vital to launching a new product to the retail market. Taking your new product to retailers can be daunting, however with experienced wholesale distributors, wagon jobbers and merchandisers that have existing relationships with the store owners you can expect to see huge gains in market share by leveraging those relationships.

Mr. Checkout started withA�an independent distributor in Boston, MA in the 80’s. The company grew into a training organization throughout the 80’s training independent distributors throughout the country from Texas to Maine. Now in all 50 states, territories and parts of Canada, the network of Mr. Checkout Distributors has grown into the largest national network of independent distributors in the country.

When seeking to develop a network of your own independent distributors, seek the council of the product marketing experts at Mr. Checkout first. The insight that they have in the retail segment is unparalleled. Independent distributors join the network everyday in order to gain access to the hot new products first. If you have a product that you need to have distributed, take a moment and submit your product to Mr. Checkout for a free review.