CÜRE – CBD infused beverage


Cüre is the ultimate CBD wellness brand from the executives behind ROAR Organic, a healthy beverage company selling in over 6,000 stores nationwide. We started Cüre after seeing our customers searching for healthier solutions to common life problems. We listened to stories of stressed out individuals unable to relax, or get any quality rest, no matter what they tried. Others who wanted more out of themselves, but were too distracted to achieve their best self. With our background in beverages and pharmaceuticals, we knew we had to help.

Recipe after recipe, we finally formulated the Golden Grails of CBD. We created not one, but three proprietary formulas to fit our customer’s exact needs: Chill, Focus, and Sleep. Packed into delicious elixirs and discreet gums, these moods have been a hit. At Cüre, we only use the best in class ingredients including our organically grown hemp sourced from Colorado. All products are THC free, and third party lab tested for potency and impurities.

With less than a year in the market, Cüre now sells in over 600 stores with much success in the Convenience store and Grocery markets. Our current retail partners include Circle K, Zoomerz, and Rocky Top. Our commitment to tasty, safe, and practical products will continue fueling our growth, and we hope you join us on this mission.

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Saf Sadiq
Senior Vice President Sales
Cüre Brand
521 Lovell Rd Suite 202
Knoxville, TN 37932
Phone: (631)229-6657
Email: saf@thecurebrand.com