Cooper-Booth Wholesale Co. has very deep roots. Starting in 1865 as a tobacco company they were later incorporated in Lancaster Pennsylvania. As they acquired more tobacco companies and distributors, Cooper-Booth Wholesale Co. grew into the large-scale distributor that they are today.

Family owned and operated for three generations, they pride themselves in their ability to produce products that are at great value while providing even more valuable services to their client. Working with their client to maximize their full profit potential, this helps to establish a better profit outlook for the commercial retailer.

Their full line consists of over 10,000, which is ample enough room to fill all the shelves within your store. They go so far as to saying that their products cover 95% of your convenience needs. This removes the hassle of having to work with multiple distributors at once and removes the potential of the customer getting confused while involved in multiple sales programs.

Cooper-Booth Wholesale Company is located in Mountville, Pennsylvania and owns a 27 acre property from which they operate. Their storage facility provides them with a competitive advantage as is has about 100,000 square feet of storage space. It is also climate controlled in order to preserve your products to the best possible level before delivery to the retail store-front.

On top of this, their facilities has 14 shipping and receiving docks and a mezzanine that provides them with over 15,000 additional square feet of storage.

Utilizing modern technologies, Cooper-Booth Wholesale Co. ensure that the customer receives exactly what they need in a quick and timely manner. They have a voice pick order selection process that allows the customer to order their products. Alongside this, they have a scanning system that helps to instantly inform them of your product levels and keep your shelves fully stocked. Finaly, they use computerized temperature monitoring system to maintain the conditions of your product prior to and leading up to the delivery of the final product to the retail

By also employing a stock management system, they maintain a 98.7 % stock efficiency rate by only purchasing and providing exactly what their customers need.


Support Programs

Much like any larger distribution company, Cooper-Booth effectively provides all of the support programs that a customer may need. As part of developing a working relationship, it is most advantageous for them to ensure that their customers have complete optimizing of their business potential and through support programs they ensure that. The list of programs is as follows; Trades shows, seasonal merchandise pre-booking service, retail rewards programs, retail marketing programs, retail accrual programs, promotional flyers, product news, merchandising solutions and the first out program.


Distribution Services

With a long listing of providers, Cooper-Booth Wholesale Company is able to provide their retail customers with all of their convenience needs. The products that they cover are as follows; cigarettes, tobacco and accessories, non-foods, confectionary, beverages, snack foods, groceries, dairy & deli, food & beverage services. Fast foods, automotive supplies, health & beauty care, paper supplies, general merchandise and institutional beverages.


Cooper Booth Wholesale Co.
200 Lincoln West Drive
Mountville, PA 17554
Toll Free: 800-992-0592
Local: 717-285-8000
Fax: 717-285-8008