Mr. Checkout is a national association of independent wagon-jobbers and full-line distributors. We distribute product to approximately 35,000 independent stores around the country and are always seeking the next hot new product. If you have a product, we want to hear from you!

Convenience Store Distributors

Distributing to Convenience Store Distributors is all about satisfying the store’s needs in what type of products their customers demand. Convenience Store Distributors want a product that has been established and will sell quickly. Contacting local Convenience Store Distributors is a good first step to get a feel for what products do well in that market.

Finding a distributor who already has an established relationship with independent specialty retailers is essential. The distributor and retailer relationship is important in product placement in Convenience Store Distributors. If a distributor has a good reputation with an independent specialty retailer the process of getting products into the store is a lot smoother.

Building a relationship and a positive track record is a very important part for the distributor. It is important for the distributor to do some research on what kind of specialty products do well in each specialty store, which can be dependent on where they are located. If a product does well in one independent specialty store the likeliness the distributor will put it in other stores is high. In Convenience Store Distributors and independent stores in general it is all about shelf space and what sells well will claim that shelf space. Products that do not, will be given less space or no space in order to move in a new product that sells well.

Convenience Store Distributors look for products that are innovative and will set them apart from competitors. So, new products have a better chance of making it into an independent specialty store  vs. a big box retailer. An independent specialty store will have a stronger personal relationship and knowledge with products compared to big box stores as well. This is beneficial to everyone involved because having knowledge about the product in stores will improve sales.

In order to get a product into an independent specialty market contacting the correct distributor is the first step. The next step would be sending samples and other pertinent information to that distributor if requested. They like to see proof of sales and selling points of that product. Communicating about price points and minimum order quantities is very important. If the distributor likes the product and thinks it would be a good fit for their route they will purchase the product.

If the product does well in stores, the distributor will continually order more. Proof of sales will bring more orders and getting in contact with other distributors in other parts of the country is the next step. A product with proven sales in a few Convenience Store Distributors will make its way to Convenience Store Distributors all across the nation through different distribution channels. Establishing and building relationships with distributors is the best way to get products into Convenience Store Distributors.

Convenience Store Distributors

Convenience stores are a popular feature in almost every county. Convenience stores are those retail outlets you can conveniently get to from where you are or live. They are strategically located for easy accessibility. When you run out of milk or you need that duct tape, you would first think of a convenience store. It is just that outlet that makes shopping something convenient to do. Convenience stores can be very convenient for automobile owners as many gas stations feature convenience stores. They can get what is needed while buying gas and continue on their journey.

A list of convenience store distributors is provided below:


Stocking over 18,000 products, HLA is a vital link between manufacturers and convenience store owners and operators throughout the Northeast. With over 100 trucks in our fleet, HLA makes over 3,000 daily deliveries, a third of which are delivered same day.

Their warehouse is a state-of-the-art distribution facility, fitted with over 6 miles of continuous conveyors, and the latest mechanized rack systems. With distribution facilities located in Farmingdale, NY, Albany, NY, Auburn, MA and Waterbury, CT, and Ewing, NJ, they are able to reach the entire Northeast market.

Richmond-Master Distributors, Inc

Richmond-Master Distributors, Inc. a leader in the convenience product distribution founded in 1947 has continued to grow through constant reinvention of products and services. Changing retail customer environments require providing customers with a value equation that exceeds expectation. Technology, knowledge in product selection, placement, and pricing has become a vital part of success in business today. But it does not stop there.

Thomas & Howard Company, Inc

Thomas & Howard Company, Inc. is a privately owned convenience distributor headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina. With annual sales in excess of $200 million, they provide full-line, full-service distribution to convenience stores and small grocery stores, primarily located in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. In addition to distribution services, Thomas & Howard also operates numerous wholesale/retail outlets throughout South Carolina and North Carolina.

Core Mark

Core-Mark is one of the largest and most valued marketers of fresh and broad-line supply solutions to the convenience retail industry. Offering a full range of products, marketing programs and technology solutions to over 29,000 locations across North America, Core-Mark services traditional convenience stores, drug, grocery, and specialty stores and other small format retailers that sell consumer packaged goods.

Kole Imports and Closeouts

This distributor imports large quantities of bulk merchandise directly from manufacturers overseas, warehouse them, and sell to wholesalers and retailers. Its 250,000 square-foot warehouse, located in Los Angeles, contains millions of pieces of merchandise, allowing it to provide a 99.7% fill rate on orders, and great substitutes for any out-of-stock items. At any given moment the distributor has tens of thousands of unique sellable items in stock that serve many different industries.


Mr. Checkout is a national association of independent wagon-jobbers and full-line distributors. We distribute product to approximately 35,000 independent stores around the country and are always seeking the next hot new product. If you have a product, we want to hear from you!