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Convenience Store Decisions

Consumer stores are very common. They are almost everywhere. They are where you get to get the daily items that you need. For instance, if you run out of milk, you can easily run to a convenience store to get a gallon. Due to the convenience they provide, buyers prefer them more as consumable can be gotten faster and easier. With this, there are a lot of sales going on at the convenience stores and good marketing strategy would cover how to penetrate and get products into these stores. This is the point the consumer comes in and without the consumer in the chain, there is no point producing.

Convenience Store Decisions basically works in two ways. First, it helps advertisers penetrate multi-unit convenience store market. Second, they further help in connecting their brands and products with executive level and category decision makers as they form a bulk of the readers of Convenience Store Decisions. The platform prides itself in his enviable readership that draws from the crop of top executives and ranking decision makers in the supply chain.

To constantly and consistently help players in the supply chain, Convenience Store Decisions publishes twelve monthly issues plus an annual supplement (Leaders in Convenience). The editorial has been the recipient of an award and it impressively engages more than 40,000 retailers within convenience chains, non-traditional convenience environments like the airports, college community, military zones etc. without leaving behind the wholesalers who serve the channel. These publications can always be referenced and referred to for information. This is really a valuable service that can be very helpful to several players in the retail chain.

It is the common thing in the 21stcentury to have both online and offline outlets. Offline outlets can be easy to lose but online platforms store information for longer and in more secure ways. In the light of this, Convenience Store Decisions sees the need to operate through an online platform which is the new and improved This is the convenience store industry’s online portal to everything that has to do with running a convenience store. The portal offers a virtual hub for convenience store retailers, convenience store suppliers, and convenience store distributors to stay informed of convenience store industry trends, new products offerings and category management best practices.

In the quest to be extraordinary, Convenience Store Decision’s online presence extends beyond the confines of a typical website. This means that also provides a unique c-store community discussion forum that encourages peer to peer sharing and features live member Q&A chats. The online platform gives subscribers the freedom and flexibility to manage their own profiles, giving them access to content tailored specifically to them and their interests.

Having a platform where members can connect and interact more is a major benefit this website offers. Advertisers benefit from the superior member audience segmentation and robust analytics.

Lastly, it is fitting to note that Convenience Store Decisions Chain of the Year award is the industry’s oldest and most prestigious award for excellence in convenience retailing.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!