Connect to National Retailers

How Does Mr. Checkout Work?

As product managers for 1,100+ distributors, jobbers and wholesalers, we have the ability to discover retail opportunities and trending products. Big box buyers use Mr. Checkout as a way to keep an ear to the ground to find the best products for the stores that they represent. If a product is selling well with our distributors we will often be the conduit to bring that product to those retail buyers in the larger national chains.

How Can Mr. Checkout Connect to National Retailers?

Once a product is either selling well in independent retailers or has grown to national acclaim on it’s own, we can leverage our relationships with retail buyers to present product and opportunities in national retail. If a product is ready for national retail, the expectation of the manufacturer is that of constant communication and the ability to provide vital information such as insurance, site inspections and in-store marketing programs.

How Does Mr. Checkout Get Paid?

Mr. Checkout is commission based. There are no buyback programs, advertising costs or holding fees associated with Mr. Checkout. However, often we will utilize a small marketing program through our manufactures to expose retail buyers to our product line before the initial introduction. Our goal is to find products that will make our retailers on-trend through the continual success and growth of a product line in-store.