Connecting with Independent Retailers

How Does Mr. Checkout Work?

We work as association managers for 10+ national independent retail associations. The responsibility of our product management side is to find opportunities and trending products for those retailers. Independent stores use our associations as a way to keep an ear to the ground to find the best products for their stores before the big box retailers get it.

How Can Mr. Checkout Expand With Independent Retail?

Growing a product through our independent retail network is more cost effective than attending trade shows or more practical than going door to door. Through our retail associations we are able to present product directly to 150,000+ independent retailers through our buyers program. This program is designed to test product on a national level through independent retail before either bringing it to a distribution partner or a national retail account through proven sales.

How Does Mr. Checkout Get Paid?

Mr. Checkout works as a commission-based product manager when introducing a new line through the national retailer associations. There are no marketing fees, buyback programs, advertising costs, or holding fees associated with Mr. Checkout. Our goal is to find products that will make our retailers the most amount of money through the continual success of that product line in-store.