Connecting with Distributors

How Does Mr. Checkout Work?

We work as product managers for 1,100+ distributors, jobbers and wholesalers around the US and Internationally to find opportunities and trending products. Distributors use Mr. Checkout as a way to keep an ear to the ground to find the best products for the stores that they service.

How Will Mr. Checkout Grow Distribution?

Scaling a product through distribution is much easier through a network of distributors than by approaching them individually. Once our early adopting distributors have had a chance to test your product in their stores and access the sell through rate, we’ll be able to go to work getting other distributors excited about the line and increasing sales. At the end of the day it comes down to the product selling in the store without anyone there pushing it.

How Does Mr. Checkout Get Paid?

Mr. Checkout is a commission based network of independent DSD distributors throughout the US, Canada and parts of the Caribbean. There are no marketing fees, buyback programs, advertising costs or holding fees associated with Mr. Checkout or its distribution program. Our goal is to find products that will make our distributors the most amount of money through the continual success of that product line in-store.