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 We Engineer Collection Solutions to Resolve your Bad Debt.

 Morse-Tolan Associates, Ltd (MTA) is a Full Service Commercial Debt Collection Agency geared to helping our clients recover their Past Due Receivables as quickly as possible.  Since 1990, MTA has been able to accomplish this task by Engineering a customized plan to resolve your specific bad debt issue.  Our experience and expertise assure speedy results, our fees are reasonable and our collection success rate is above industry standard. Since each unpaid debt is unique, no single solution can work every time.  MTA will give each situation the benefit of our experience and expertise to determine the best approach to obtain payment.

Morse-Tolan Associates, Ltd. (MTA) understands when to apply aggressive techniques, and when to try a more customer friendly approach if your goal is to keep the debtor as an ongoing customer.  There’s a difference in every type of debtor and a difference in the approach we employ, based on the circumstances.  Our decades of experience and our commitment to doing what is in our clients’ best interest are what guide us.

About Us

Morse-Tolan Associates, Ltd. (MTA) has the specialized knowledge to effectively manage the many complex collection activities for our Commercial clients.

These days, the economic climate presents particular challenges that only a professional staff such as ours can successfully navigate and deliver exceptional results.

MTA is committed to providing top-level involvement for our clients, and outstanding collection and debt recovery results geared to our clients’ specific goals and demands.

MTA provides speedy debt recovery of delinquent Commercial Accounts through a process that is similar to Alternative Debt Resolution.  In this process we employ techniques to bring disputing parties to a point resulting in payment.  Another option available to us is to send the account to an attorney in the locality of the debtor.  In all cases, we are diligent and relentless in our efforts to secure your payment.

MTA will keep you informed at all stages with detailed reports and updates.


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