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Closeouts & Liquidations Trade Show

A tradeshow is a product exhibition show. It is that event where a manufacturer, a retailer or any person with something to sell gets to exhibit that product. When a company starts producing a product or introduces a new service, one of the ways the new product or service is introduced into the market is its exhibition at a tradeshow.

However, we can have a niche-specific tradeshow. A niche-specific tradeshow is one where players in the supply chain of a niche would be around to network with other players in the industry, showcase new products, exhibit existing ones, and also look forward to meeting new customers. Professionals in other niches may also be around to see ways of networking and partnership with the players in the tradeshow niche.

A closeout is basically a last sale. It happens when a seller wants to sell off a particular item. The closeout that comes to mind when we hear the word “closeout” may be of a big discount sale after Christmas when it is advertised that buyers should come and get “everything Santa Claus forgot.”

Sometimes referred to as winding-up or dissolution, liquidation is when the assets of a company would be distributed to pay off its debt and liabilities. When a company is in debt and cannot pay back due to several contingencies, it may dispose of one of its assets or all. It depends on the extent of indebtedness.

Here are ways you can get the best from networking at a closeout and liquidations tradeshow.

Attend Every Part of the Event (dinners, seminars, etc.)

When a company is considering liquidation or a closeout, it can decide to participate at a liquidation and closeout trade show to meet potential customers who would be interested in buying the asset, aspect or the whole business. Thus, you have to attend every part of the event to see as many offers as possible.

Network as Much as You Can and as Effectively as You Can

Meet as many people as you can and discuss areas of interest. Networking basically means establishing connections with new people and looking at areas of mutual benefit for both parties. Thus, set out to network and do it as effectively as you can. Being effective in your networking entails achieving your goals. Be presentable in your appearance, ask questions, show your willingness to learn, and strive to establish a relationship with as many as you can.

Set Your Goal and Strategy Before You Attend Any Event

You should have goals and a workable strategy to achieve them. Meet new people. Know what you must achieve and set out to achieve it. Research about people and compliment on a recent achievement; discuss areas of interest; and see how you can establish a relationship.

In conclusion, other investors would be around to look for buyouts. You should have a strategy to get the best option for yourself; networking can help you here. Just like meeting someone new and you want to make friends, find areas of interest and a common ground.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!

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