Cili CBD Spray

Cili CBD Spray 1

We offer the first ever water-based CBD sprays. Our CBD line offers 4 sprays for each use; Pain Relief, Energy Boost, Restful Sleep and Anxiety Relief. In addition to using CBD, our sprays also include natural herbs that aid in the healing effect. Our unique Aqauceutical Nano Technology allows the CBD and other nutrients to penetrate the cellular membrane and deliver a bigger nutritional payload. Scientific studies show the smaller the particles, the more bio-available they are, the faster they can penetrate and be utilized by your cells. Larger particles are less bio-available, have slower delivery time, and are less usable by the cells. Once we nanosize the CBD and other nutrients, we use a seven step process to create an aqueous formulation for transporting these ingredients to the cells of the body. Our proprietary technology breaks the covalent bonds between hydrogen and oxygen atoms removing water memory before it is purified through several stages of reverse osmosis, filtering, and distillation. Then the nanosized CBD and nutrients are each encapsulated in this water creating trillions of individual nutritious particles the that can instantly enter your cells. The final product is a fast acting, highly therapeutic CBD supplement with a maximum 99% absorption.

Advantages of the CILI Aquaceutical Delivery System

Consequently providing the maximum nutritional payload, and enough particles to reach all the CBD receptors in your body.

  • Fastest delivery to cells
  • Higher absoprtion and efficiency
  • Increased Oral bio-availability
    Quicker onset of therapeutic benefits
  • Higher Potency
  • Smaller particles
  • Increases cellular hydration
  • No harsh CBD taste
  • Pure Healthier products
  • More cost effective

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Domenic Fiore
Aqua Nutrition
5486 Wilson Drive, Mentor, Ohio, 44060