Chase Your Drink

Chase Your Drink 1

Chase Your Drink

Chase is a zero-calorie mixer with 9 B-Vitamins to help combat your hangover! Chase replaces soda and juice as a mix for any hard liquor. Simply mix one shot of hard liquor with one squirt of Chase and fill with water to enjoy a delicious, guilt-free drink.

Chase is the fastest growing cocktail mixer company in Canada and is ready to take over the U.S. market with you.

It’s Healthy – No sugar, no calories, no artificial colours or flavours
It’s Profitable – Minimum 23% margins for distributers & 28% margins for retailers
It’s on Trend – Keto, Vegan, Gluten & Carb Free, Diabetic friendly
It’s Familiar – Recognizable flavors Cola & Mango-Pineapple
It’s Versatile – Mixes with any hard liquor
It’s Functional – 9 B-Vitamins to help combat a hangover
It’s Compact- Pocket-sized 60mL bottle come in a beautiful 12-pack display
It’s Affordable – One bottle makes 30 drinks, which is about $0.23 per serving
It’s Proven – An incredible basket add on located at the till in all retailers
It’s Social – 21,000 Instagram followers, where we cross-promote retailers

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Chris Harper
Jereki Ltd
78 Eastwood Ave.
Toronto, ON, Canada  M1N 3H2
Phone 239-580-8283