Carolina News Company, Inc.

Carolina News Company is a magazine distributor, in which we distribute a full line if periodicals to convenient stores between upstate South Carolina and North Carolina.

Our full line of magazines includes numerous titles that range from weekly titles, puzzle books, sports, decorative, cars, trucking, biker, women and men’s fashion, urban/hip hop, tattoo, hemp titles, fitness, as well as a full line of adult titles. We also provide adult dvds as well.

We currently service approximately 200 stores between North and South Carolina. We’ve been in business for over 20 years and have built great customer relationships with all of our clients. We are looking for other distributors to continue distributing our product to our existing customers as well as possibly picking up new clients. Thanks.

Our contact info is listed below:

Odessa Voorhees
Carolina News Company, Inc
864-422-7540 tel
864-422-7543 fax