Carbon Botanicals

About Us

Enjoy the power of Delta 8, derived from homegrown hemp, now available in 2 oz shots! Each display ready case contains 12 shots which can be sold individually or by the case.

Carbon Botanicals only uses lab tested and certified premium Delta 8, so you can feel confident you’re enjoying the finest quality product. All our products are formulated and made in GMP certified facilities, passing the most rigorous standards in the industry.

Delicious & Effective
The Fruit Punch and Lemonade flavors are delicious and make for an enjoyable and satisfying experience. Carbon Botanicals Delta 8 shots give you up to 25mg of the finest quality Delta 8 in a convenient and tasty format. Because of our unique manufacturing process, our Delta 8 can be delivered into your body faster and more potently than consuming it in other methods.

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