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Business Insider

The business world is growing fast, and new trends are evolving on the daily basis. You never get to be left out if you are in tune with Business Insider. Prided as the fastest growing business website, Business Insider was launched in 2007 by former Wall Street analyst Henry Blodget and DoubleClick executives Dwight Merriman and Kevin Ryan. The business site has risen to be one of the daily online destinations of professionals and millions of other people in the business world. On this news website, you can get information on tech, finance, politics, strategy, and life. It is a normal experience to find articles about successful corporations, businesses, persons and others.

Reputation is important in the news world and with the strong reputation of Business Insider, academics, researchers, and others often cite articles on the websites as references in their work. The in-depth and detailed analysis of issues boosts its position in the sphere of new agencies all around the world. Business Insider’s opening into technology with Tech Insider, which has now been merged into the general website, is a giant stride in the right way. The technological disruption is affecting the way business is done and it can only go deeper in its claim to the business world. Thus, there is the need to be constantly aware of happenings and trends in the technology world as it relates to business.

Social media is the major hub for the billions of people active on the internet in this decade and an international news agency like the Business Insider cannot but be fully on the social media. Thus, social media users can catch up with the agency on social media and still get news, updates and exclusives at their convenience.

When it was launched in 2007, it announced itself as a community news website. This means that readers are encouraged to participate in sending news, tips, feedback, suggestions, or join on social media. It is a reality that the news agency cannot have respondent in every black hole, alley, street or corner in the world and thus would want to rely on its readers to provide breaking information, news, updates… which can then be verified through other sources and uploaded. The internet is a connecting factor and also an information platform; with this strategy, the average reader who sends in news is empowered as the information provided is transmitted to billions all over the world.

Business Insider is arguably the largest business news website as it has the Alexa rank of 332 as of August 2018. Running a big news agency requires spreading tentacles to several parts of the world. The move by BI in entering Africa is quite commendable. In January 2017, Business Insider announced that it would be launching a new Sub-Saharan site in partnership with Ringier Africa Digital Publishing. Africa has an emerging market in technology and industrialization and Business Insider is well positioned to capture this in a unique way and pass the information on to the entire world.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!