Brew Coffee Co. K-Cups

Brew Coffee Co. K-Cups

Brew Coffee Co. is a non-profit, 501-C3 certified coffee company, specializing in single serve cups. We wholesale our own privately branded Single Serve Cups (K-Cups) and charcoal Water Filter Cartridges for Keurig Machines to grocery, convenience stores, and offices. Brew Coffee Co. is currently in 80 stores in the northeast, and is in the process of expanding throughout North America. Brew Coffee Co. cups are 2.0 compatible, barcoded, and labeled with a date code for freshness.

Brew Coffee Co.’s clean aesthetic and brand forward packaging consistently draws the consumers eye to our products on the shelves. Our cups are packed with an extra gram of coffee in each cup than the leading competitors, which in turn brews a stronger cup for our customers. The Brew Coffee Co. brand has been able to grow due to customer loyalty; those who came for our design and price point, and stayed for taste and our philanthropic efforts.

Breakfast Blend
Our Breakfast Blend is lively yet, mellow and is a coffee worth waking up for! This blend is perfect for the coffee drinker who wants the crisp taste of fresh coffee that doesn’t overpower their other morning favorites.

Caramel Sea Salt
It’s safe to say once you’ve tasted our Caramel Sea Salt Real Cup, you won’t have eyes for anything else. By combining bold taste with rich caramel and sea salt, we have perfected this blend.

Chocolate Mocha Sea Salt
Chocolate lovers rejoice! There’s finally a flavored coffee to satisfy the daily cravings. We’ve added sea salt to our Chocolate Mocha flavor to make this coffee truly decadent. We know you’ll enjoy this medium roast, chocolatey treat.

Donut Shop
Need a coffee that makes waking up exciting? Our Donut Shop blend is the quintessential flavored cup that’s bold while colorfully tasty. With the use of high quality beans and a little donut flavor, it makes dunking even better!

French Roast
Our French Roast is a fan favorite and much stronger than your average Real Cup. It’s intensely bold and rich with flavor, yet not overwhelming. It’s the perfect coffee to start the day with when you need that extra energy!

French Vanilla Sea Salt
A new take on the classic French Vanilla flavor. By adding a touch of sea salt we’ve enhanced the traditional French Vanilla and brought out its key notes. Enjoy this medium roast flavored coffee to take breakfast to the next level.

Hazelnut Sea Salt
Need a special treat in the morning to get going? Our Hazelnut sea salt flavored coffee is just what you need! With the perfect balance of sweet and salty, this medium roast will satisfy your sweet tooth and get you ready for the day.

Revolution Blend
A crafted blend with coffee, creamer and sweetener all in one cup. Our Revolution Blend rebels against traditional coffee routines. For those who love creamer and sweetener in your coffee but hate wasting time, this cup is for you.

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Allison Hunsberger
Chief Operating Officer
Brew Coffee Co.
Email [email protected]
Phone 267-825-2766