Blast Energy Drink

Product Description:   Blast Energy Drink

We have one simple mission: To offer consumers all the energy of the leading brands, with market leading taste, all at a great price. With over 100 million units sold, it’s now the #1 selling energy drink in England, Ireland and Scotland. Compares to Red Bull in flavor and effect at a fraction of the price. Blast Energy is a high quality beverage providing superior margins and has the potential to outperform Red Bull and other beverages in the energy segment in velocity and profit. It is now being introduced to the U.S. market for national distribution. Price marked cans ensure consumers see the value.  Regular Retail Price = 89¢/250 ml can. Special Introductory Price = 69¢/250 ml.

Blast Energy Increases Alertness! Ramp up those energy levels for an early morning kick-start, a late afternoon pick-me-up or to keep you going through the night. Blast Energy provides that ultimate hit when you need it most. The science behind this great tasting formula is the Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamins B6 & B12. They are the ultimate combination of ingredients reducing tiredness and fatigue, while the injection of caffeine and taurine will increase your energy and keep you focused and alert.

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities:

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