Blackout is redefining the e-cig industry; Black and classy with a minimalist design and amazing taste, what more could you ask for?

Blackout was established in 2013 with a commitment to build an upscale brand around electronic cigarettes that satisfy smoker cravings with great taste, no tobacco, no tar, no odor, and no carbon monoxide.
Blackout takes the black smoke out of your life!

Blackout e-cigs get smokers away from the black smoke found in regular cigarettes while providing a superb quality product that tastes great and has an unparalleled design.

Every Blackout product is neatly packaged in an attractive black container that features Blackout’s one-of-a-kind logo.  Inside each pack, customers will find the classiest e-cigarettes on the market, smokers will savor Blackout’s great tobacco taste – without being exposed to the harmful tobacco, tar, unappealing odors, carbon monoxide or second-hand smoke. Each Blackout e-cig is jet black, and Blackout’s flavor cartridges provide a taste for every smoker: tobacco, menthol and cherry. In addition, Blackout’s LED tips change color to match the flavor, which add a unique effect and inform those around that you are enjoying the coolest e-cigarette on the market.

We have focused on providing an experience like no other:

  • Our Single Disposables replace 2 packs of regular cigarettes with the perfect weight and size to take anywhere.  It comes in multiple flavors to please your taste buds. 
  • Our 5-Pack Disposables are the same size as traditional cigarette packs and each e-cig is the same exact size as tobacco cigarettes.  We want you to have a seamless transition to Blackout e-cigs and satisfy your cravings with the best alternative on the market.
  • Our Slim Elite Kit is one of the most compact and efficient e-cig devices on the planet.  Smaller than a cell phone and thinner than a penny, it defines class.  Holding the smooth and matted Slim Elite case feels like black silk and gives you the best alternative to traditional smoking.
  • The Blackout Swag products are just as solid as the rest of our products.  Put on our hat or shirt today and let everyone know about the first Blackout that you will remember…

We are the first Blackout you will never forget…


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Phone:  800.605.3580




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