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Top 5 Beverage Distributors

Beverage distribution is often in the backlight of the overall distribution network. However, the service they provide is just as integral to the functioning of our nation as food distribution. Just think about what would happen people didn’t have ready access to alcohol?

Speaking of that, alcohol is the leading profit generating product for the majority of these distributors. They do this by a highly competitive market with which each distributor attempts obtain an exclusive partnership with a variety of brand name alcoholic beverages.

With the sheer size of all these organizations, they help to create a national and international network of distributors. Following is a list of the top 5 beverage distributors;

Reyes Beverage Group (RBG)

Reyes Beverage Group is based out of Rosemount, IL and has a case value of 93 million dollars. Every year Reyes receives several different awards and accolades for the quality of service that they provide.  They are recognized for product excellence, driving up their sales and increasing the volume of their brands. The lucky brands that Reyes beverage Group distributes is as follows; Boston Beer, Crown Imports, Diageo-Guinness USA, Dogfish Head, Heineken USA, MillerCoors, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co., New Belgium, Sierra Nevada and yeunling.

Silver Eagle Distributors, l.P

Based out of Houston, TX, Silber Eagle Distributors have a case value of 45.6 million dollars. They key to the success of Silver Eagle is attributed to their commitment to quality brands, quality service and a high level of customer service. Even with the impact of the economic recession that has come and past, Silver Eagle still managed to drive an increase in their total sales. They have successfully increased the share of it’s market through 16 counties in the last year. The products this company distributes are as follows; : ABInBev, Crown Imports, Green Mountain Bev, Inc., North American Breweries, Phusion Projects, Saint Arnold Brewing Co., Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Sweet Leaf, Sapporo USA, Inc., Winery Exchange, Inc.

Ben E. Keith Beverages

This organization operates out of Dallas, TX and has a case value of approximately 38.7 mil. Through this past year they were able to provide a consistent service to each of their counties that were integral to their functioning processes. Their products on regular supply are as follows; : ABInBev, Brooklyn Brewery, Dogfish Head, Full Sail, Real Ale, Saint Arnold, Sierra Nevada, Spaten, Stone, Woodchuck.

Columbia Distributing

Columbia Distributing is based out of Kent, WA and is worth a case value of 33.5 million dollars. This company was formed in 2008 when the amalgamation and acquisition of several distribution companies merged into 1 larger network. Since then the company is being honored as Beverage Executive’s 2011 Wholesaler of the year. Their major products are as follows; : Crown Imports, Deschutes, Diageo USA, Full Sail, Gambrinus, Heineken USA, Mike’s, MillerCoors, Pabst.

Manhattan Beer Distributors, llC

Based out of the Bronx, NY this company has a total case value of 32.1 million dollars. This distributor is the major source of beverage distribution for the whole of the greater New York Area. They strive for a timely and consistent service in order to keep on pace with the city that they operate in. They service 25, 000 accounts in that single area alone as it is. The products they supply en masse are as follows; Boston Beer, Crown, E&J Gallo, FX Matt Brewing, Latis Imports, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, MillerCoors, North American Breweries, Sieb Importers, U.S. Beverage.