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Established in 2014, Bellatora came into existence to fulfill a need for a simple, healthier and non-intrusive alternative to the often neglected and wonderful pastime of cigar smoking. Being cigar smokers ourselves, we came together to find an alternative, one that is as close to the real thing as possible, yet eliminates the slew of negative factors that go along with smoking a cigar.

What we have accomplished has exceeded our greatest expectations. Thanks to our enthusiastic and dedicated team, we have been able to breathe life into this pastime by enabling you to once again enjoy cigar smoking at any time or place. Gone are the days where one must search for a suitable place to light up a cigar and no longer does one need to burden themselves in regards to setting enough time aside to smoke it from start to finish. Never again does one need to concern themselves about how to care for their fragile cigars so as to not damage them or worry about them drying out before they can be enjoyed.

With Bellatora’s e-cigars all these issues have simply vanished into thin air. We have painstakingly created a premier, well-crafted electronic product with a well-received full line of unique and diverse flavors that provides this very experience. An experience that can be enjoyed anywhere thanks to a vapor technology that is activated with a single puff, shuts off immediately after and most importantly is durable and will not dry or become stale.

Our devoted staff is extremely proud of what we have accomplished in our short existence; from our selection of disposable soft tip e-cigars, e-cigarillos and rechargeable e-cigars to our full line of one of a kind flavors such as, “Rock Star”, “El Diablo”, “Castro’s Blend” and “Cocoa Havana” plus many more that are sure to satifisy the most demanding palate. These flavors have been so well received that we have had an over-whelming demand for a cigarette alternative and as a result, we are pleased to announce that we have answered these calls with an incredible line of premier e-cigarettes. We at Bellatora pride ourselves on customer service and stand firmly behind our product. Give us a try and let us earn your business. You will not be disappointed. Order yours today and prepare to be amazed.

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