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Founded in 2003 by designer Kimberly McDonald, BeautyNewsNYC is the first online beauty magazine. As a pioneer in the niche, it has gathered large readership over the years. The magazine offers the swoon-worthy in beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and entertainment both in New York City and all around the world. It has as its mission to uncover intriguing products, and places, and services, put them through their paces, and arm its readers with unbiased, genuine reviews from a group of writers whose tastes and experiences are as varied as those they serve.

With articles that cover hair & skincare, fragrance, fashion, home décor, lifestyle, spa, pets, outdoor designs, the magazine draws subscription from professionals, fashion lovers, fashion professionals, beauty junkies and a whole lot of people from the sophisticated crop. The magazine reaches its audience through its online magazine, subscription City Pulse mailings, and the social media.

Other products include the City Pulse. This section is basically about the New York City where you get the trending and exciting news in the city. It also offers free giveaways. It also offers the travel section which “jet-sets” readers all around the world. Vacation spots, resorts, hotels and other helpful information about travels are contained in this section. The Health & Fitness section provides useful information about food, exercises, and other activities that can keep its readers fit and healthy. The Wines & Spirits section provides information about cocktails, beers, and organic wines bars.

BeautyNewsNYC provides a complete magazine to its readers as it provides essential information in a whole magazine what will take some other magazines two or more issues to cover. As much as it represents its NYC environment, it speaks to the whole world on the trends and helpful information it offers.

As stated earlier, the contents of the magazine resonates with those who love beauty, hair & skincare, fashion, fragrance, home décor, spas, culture, pets. However, it is hard to get those who aren’t interested in any of these aspects as people always want to take good care of their hair and skin. More, home décor concerns everyone who has a place to call a home. Thus, in a way or the other, the magazine concerns what virtually everyone will be interested in.

With about 16 years in business, the experience and dedicated audience the online magazine has gathered over the years has drawn respect for it with brands, designers, and other players in the niche involved. The magazine prides itself in the crop of professional writers and editors who are genuine influencers who curate the beautiful and interesting for the enjoyment of its millions of subscribers. As much as every major magazine, it receives product samples from companies and publicists however it has publicly stated that it is not influenced by those samples, advertising, or sponsored ads. In clear words, it states that “we don’t review products unless we love them.” Thus, with this, you can expect objective and unbiased review of products and items up on the magazine.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!

Magazine, Trends, Awards & Calendar
Magazine, Trends, Awards & Calendar
Magazine, Trends, Awards & Calendar
Magazine, Trends, Awards & Calendar