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Help Keep America Clean!

Sleek… Compact… Easy to clean.

The AutoBin looks good while keeping your vehicle looking great! Just slide it onto the pocket behind the front seats. Small enough to maintain ample legroom, yet large enough to contain wrappers and empty water bottles ’til your next fuel stop. Slide it off to empty, slide it back on and you’re ready to go! And, the AutoBin cleans easily with just a garden hose.

Say good-bye to trash, and hello to a clean car!

Have you ever had trash to throw away while driving, but no place to put it? We would like to introduce to a new revolutionary invention that will change your life! The AutoBin was created to help keep the environment free of pollutants while keeping your vehicle clean and safe. The AutoBin was invented by owners LeeAnn Powell and Mervyn Hackney. It was created in November 2013 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Great for gifts! The AutoBin was invented when the owners continuously desired a place to put their trash and keep the environment safe while on the road. This is when the invention of the AutoBin was created.

The AutoBin reduces pollution in our environment by allowing a driver and passengers to have a safe location of trash while driving. The AutoBin allows everyone to keep plants and animals safe by keeping our world litter and pollutant free. It will also help to keep money in your pocket by reducing the desire to throw trash out the window and possibly receiving a ticket.

The AutoBin has several uses including the following:
• Storage for trash
• Place for filing documents
• Storage for video games and controllers
• Storage for DVD and Blu-Ray disks
• Storage for diapers and wipes
• Storage for recyclables (Paper, aluminum, plastic, glass, etc.)
• Tool storage
• Essential emergency items (tire gauge, flashlight, first aid kit, jumper cables, gloves, etc.)
• Storage for non-perishable food items
• Storage for cell phone devices and charger cords
• Storage of used cigarettes/cigars
• And many more

The AutoBin is made of a polyethylene that has a texture like the dashboard of a car. The AutoBin is made of a non-stick surface, so you can be confident that all of your trash will be removed safely. The AutoBin can be cleaned out with a water hose periodically to keep it clean.

Directions: Clip the AutoBin on the back of your driver’s side or passenger’s side rear pocket. The AutoBin can also be clipped onto the back seats of buses, planes, and any vehicle that needs to be clean and environmentally safe.