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Atlantic Dominion Distributors

Atlantic Dominion Distributors is another distribution company that began quite some time ago. Beginning as a cigar manufacturing establishment they started by supplying retail stores with a variety of their handmade cigars. After acquiring companies over the years they developed into the company that they are today. In about 1904, the company took a shift and added other product lines to their distribution.

Today, they have over 10,000 different products for customers to choose from and have several different departments in order to handle the overall services of their company. Atlantic Dominion Distributors offer a service that caters to the pleasing of the retailer and thus the pleasing of the customer at the end of the line.

Now based out of Virginia Beach, VA , Atlantic Dominion Distributors provides in several departments of the retail experience. Following is a more detailed look at these departments;


Foodservice and Beverage Program

Atlantic dominion offers their customers items at are designed for effective implementation. This means they are specially designed to reduce waste and control costs. With a wide variety of equipment and display solutions they can help to optimize your business costs and progress into being a successful retail store-front.


Merchandising and New Store Planning

With a merchandising team at their disposal, Atlantic Dominion provides all the tools, supplies and man power to get your store up to date and pleasing to the eye. Using the sales data and popularity reports they have gained from their trading areas, they can help to improve your store. Offering specialized plan-o-grama��s, they combine their manufacturers and customers by offering annual incentives through their Dominion Club membership program.


Edit & Ordering Technology

In order to stay up to speed on the latest technologies, Atlantic Dominion utilizes a wide range of e-commerce. With it all being UCC approves, they can fill multiple orders and replenishment systems in a quick and timely manner. On top of the average ordering assistance programs they also provide; order suggest, advise of specials, check retails, printing of shelf tags, verify retails, gross margins and past order history.


Sales Representative Support

Atlantic dominion provides a large amount of sales representatives to create a more personalized experience for each one of their retail customers. By working with these sales representatives they will keep you up to speed on how to increase your potential sales and keep up with market trends. As well, they will help you to achieve the incentives that the company has put in place through its membership programs.


Atlantic Dominion Distributors
Virginia Beach, VA
(800) 468-6612
Carolina Division:
Hope Mills, NC
(800) 682-1027