Athon Energy Drink

    About Athon 

    Athon is a premium energy drink brand with natural flavors, natural sugars, natural caffeine from green coffee, natural functional extracts, and between 70-110 fewer calories than the leading brands in the market. It consists of new flavors that the competition has not taken into accounts, such as Blueberry Guarana, Pomegranate Açai, Apple Ginger, Grapefruit Lavender, Mango Ginseng, and Citrus Green Tea.  Athon’s most significant difference is its exciting new brand values that take values, such as fashion, mythology, beauty, and elegance into account, something yet unseen in the market. The brand uses a Greek God for every flavor for that divine mythological punch and powerful design styles inspired from consumer preferences in the fashion industry.

    Athon has had a positive acceptance from the target market in our focus groups, almost always cited as an overall better alternative to the top leading brands such as Monster, Red Bull, and Rock Star. Athon’s positive reviews come from it being a healthier, more aesthetic, and better-tasting alternative to the top Energy Drink brands with no significant tradeoff.  Athon has not used artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, has not overloaded on crazy 300mg+ of caffeine to compensate for the lack of sugar, has not sacrificed necessary sweetness, and most importantly has no bitter or unpalatable flavor or aftertaste.  Embrace the Myth and try the drink of the gods now!

    For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

    Fabrizio Alcobe-Garibay
    Phone 917-325-6404