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Our mission is to empower consumers by giving them more control over every breath they take, which in turn, creates better overall public health. We create solutions that help you perform better, feel better, and breathe better.

AirPop is the world’s first “air wearables” company. Since 2015, we’ve been leveraging anthropomorphic & material science with the latest technology to build ultra-high-performance products that provide an unrivaled breathing experience for millions of users around the world. Comprised of an award-winning team of experts in performance apparel, ergonomics, air filtration, material science, and advanced manufacturing.

The foundation of our entire range of masks is class-leading filtration that works 2 ways. Every breath inward through AirPop masks is >99% filtered of particles and droplets and importantly today, every breath outward is filtered just the same.

Product Description:

AirPop delivers superior performance by solving three key issues that plague most masks: fit, filtration and breathability. All of the materials used to manufacture our masks are tested by accredited 3rd party labs to exceed the World Health Organization and FDA medical mask material performance standards.

● Fit: An accurate, close fit is essential to prevent the inhalation and exhalation of small particles and droplets. AirPop masks feature a patented soft-seal and frame that responds to different fit profiles to help ensure a snug, but comfortable fit. And the tented, 3-D Air Dome shape keeps the filter away from the face, increasing airflow and improving breathability and comfort.

● Filtration: When it comes to harmful pollutants, size matters. Anything smaller than 2.5 microns is known as “fine particulate matter” (PM 2.5) – think airborne bacteria, for example. AirPop masks create a barrier down to 0.3 microns with greater than 99% effectiveness at this scale. Our unique combination of 4-layer filter material provides an effective 2-way barrier against particles and droplets.

● Breathability: Superior breathability is also vital – consumers won’t wear what isn’t comfortable or doesn’t work. AirPop masks “give and take” in sync with your natural breath. And they have four layers of protection – from the droplet-resistant, non-woven outer layer to the filter and skin- friendly inner layer to ensure security and comfort.

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Bergur Bergsson, (STRAX Americas, INC)
1867 N.W. 97th AVE, Miami, FL

Sigurdur Halldorsson, (STRAX Americas, INC)
1867 N.W. 97th AVE, Miami, FL