Adams Rib Rubb

About Adams Rib Rubb LLC

Adams Rib Rubb LLC is a company dedicated to bringing out the best flavor in food, with the mission goal of spreading our all-purpose seasoning to home cooks, chefs, pitmasters and barbecue enthusiasts around the world.

Our original, two decades proven blend of savory spices and sweet hickory can be sprinkled onto any meats, poultry or fish – forming a sticky, tasty liquid marinade. The spicy version of our rubb brings all of the goodness of the original with the extra added kick of a touch of cayenne pepper, bringing just a bit of bite to that savory goodness. Our truly all-purpose rubbs can be even be used on vegetables and as additives to sauces, or mixed with flour to make a delicious batter.

To use, simply sprinkle it on, rub it in, cover and refrigerate. Hours is fine, but overnight is best. Depending on your tastes, a single 7.5oz bag can season 16 to 20lbs of meat.

One taste, and you’ll understand our passion. Adams Rib Rubb – One Rubb. One Million Possibilities.

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Adams Rib Rubb LLC
P.O. Box 1926
Ocala, FL 34478
1-855-RIB-RUBB (742-7822)