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Athletes’ and military personnel’s natural body oils collect and become trapped under their helmet, shoulder pads, chin cup, uniform, or simply on their chest or back. The trapped oil is then pushed into their pores, causing acne to develop. Some people may use creams or sprays to prevent acne, but these topical treatments may not have time to set into the skin. Acne Mop that is a disposable product meant, to be worn for the day, or workout then dis-guarded. Acne Mop is kept moist in a resealable container easy to grab and go. Acne Mop uses all natural ingredients like Tea tree oil, White tea and Clove. And for the Lady’s Lavender and Lemon juice is added. So while your hard at work Acne Mop is hard at work, keeping your pores clean and unplugged, which means less acne on you.

• Helps to reduce acne on athletes of all ages and military personnel under their uniforms.

• Applies an acne-fighting solution directly into the skin.

• Fits comfortably under a helmet, hat, shoulder pads, or shirt.

• Increases people’s confidence and self-assurance.

• Eliminates the hassle of painful injections or inconvenient sprays and creams.

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My name is Edward Everhart.  I am the founder and CEO of Acne Mop LLC and Everhart Inc.

If I can help you with anything please call me at my personal phone # 435-764-3834

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