Wholesale Distributor

A Note from the New President of Mr. Checkout Joel Goldstein

I’m honored to be able to purchase my father’s company 30 years after he incorporated. Stepping into Mr. Checkout was a natural fit since I grew up listening to my Dad work from the kitchen table for over 30 years. Having worked in Mr. Checkout for the last 10 years I’ve been excited to bring the distribution company into the 21st century.

I first analyzed the business after purchasing the company. When I applied the first CRM and began tracking sales data, it became apparent that the business needed to be modernized. My goal was to create transparency and trust within the world of convenience store distributors and the suppliers trying to reach them.

The distributors needed Mr. Checkout to become their category managers and new product researchers as they were on the road 8-10 hours a day and did not have the time to attend trade shows or seek out trending products. We pivoted the company into a conduit for new products to get into independent convenience stores and grocery stores through our existing network of direct store distributors.

I love Mr. Checkout because they bring us fresh products that have the margins that we need to put food on our table for our families.

Taking Mr. Checkout into the future is a huge responsibility. As a new father myself, my goal is to build it into a company that hopefully my son will be able to take over, and perhaps my grandchildren will also be able to run some day. Moving this legacy of a company from the legal pad to a scalable online platform has not been easy, however when ita��s my familya��s business everything that I have done is worth the time and investment.

Running a company that launches new brands into the market is a responsibility that I take very seriously. Everyone deserves a chance, and every product that we take on is someonea��s dream, just like Mr. Checkout was once my fathera��s dream.