8-Hour Energy Patch

Welcome to the future of energy supplementation! The 8-HOUR Energy Patch delivers all-natural active ingredients through the skin and into your bloodstream, to provide peak energy, performance and mental clarity for your daily activities. Simply apply the patch and your body will begin receiving the active ingredients through a sustained time release. You won’t feel jittery or over-stimulated, but rather experience a serene sense of vitality that will take you the distance. Simply remove the patch at anytime and wipe away any sticky reside with light soap and water to stop the flow of active ingredients. 8-HOUR Energy Patches are the ideal solution for active adults. The patches are safe, all natural, and integrate seamlessly into your daily lifestyle. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a working adult, or an athlete, 8-HOUR Energy Patches are the number one solution for your energy needs.

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