5 Ways To Double Your Productivity


Launching a product can be tough. It feels like there are a thousand things to do and not enough time to do it. But what if I told you there was a way to get everything you wanted done during the day and MORE? Well read on to discover my top five tips for doubling your productivity and getting more done everyday.

Ita��s a daily challenging getting everything you want done in your business. Ita��s even harder when you are the one in charge and are in complete control of your schedule.

So here are 5 quick tips that can double your productivity and have you getting more done than you could have ever imagined.

Do Your Biggest Task First

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Sounds simple, but no one does this. Usually the bigger the task is, the more likely we are to push it off until later in the day. Many times we never get to it at all.

You will be amazed at the difference it will make in your day when you knock out your most important task first. The surge of energy you will receive knowing that you took out your biggest and baddest task will keep you going strong through the rest of the day.

How do you know what your biggest task is? Simply ask yourself a�?if I was going away on vacation for a week, what would I make sure got done?a�?

Therea��s your answer. Now get it done.

Focused Work Sessions

The most powerful tool you have at getting things done is you complete 100% focus while working. This is the difference between taking hours to get something done and taking minutes.

Every time you allow yourself to get distracted or interrupted while working on a task, you are adding anywhere between 15-30 minutes the amount of time it will take to complete. This is because your mind is like a high performance athlete, it takes time for it to get warmed up and ready to give ita��s all to what your doing. Every time you break your focus, the process starts all over again.

There is a simple way to break the cycle of distractions during your workday. Simply work within set periods of time. My favorite is 90-minute work sessions. Just start a timer (I use, turn off your email, cellphone and messaging clients and then start working until the timer goes off.

You will be amazed at the difference it will make in your day. If you learn to do this 2-3 times a day, people will be amazed at the amount you get done in such a short period of time.

Limit Email Checking

A classic tip that needs to be repeated. Schedule set times throughout the day when you will check and respond to emails. The less the better, but depending your business, you may need to check often.

If email isna��t a core part of your job function, limit email checking to the beginning, middle and end of your workday. If more frequent email checking is needed, try every 2 hours or at the end of a work session.

The real goal here is to not let a stray email ruin your workflow. There is nothing worst than when you will get into something and then you see that random email that you just need a a�?seconda�? to check. We are already wired to respond to emails as soon as we see them, so do yourself a favor and turn it off until you are ready to do it.

This will have the added benefit of letting your emails bunch together so you can go through them faster all at once.

Dona��t Add More To Your List

This is a small but powerful tip. Before I learned this, whenever something new would come up during the day I would instantly add it to my list of tasks to get done that daya��not matter if it was important or not.

This is a big mistake. Nothing is more discouraging than ending your workday without completing everything on your list. It leaves you feeling unaccomplished and thinking about work once you get home.

But there is a simple way to avoid this. If it is not absolutely critical that it get done that day add it to tomorrowa��s list or a separate list all together. This will allow you to focus and get todaya��s task done which will leave you feeling infinitely better when you finish that list with time to spare.

Take More Breaks

I know. But hear me out on this one.

No matter how much we want it to be, our bodies are not machines. They require rest and recover throughout the day. Snacks, walks and naps can all boost your productivity because they allow you to come back fully charged instead of working at 50% all day.

Today there is a weird guilt associated with taking breaks, like ita��s something you should be ashamed of. This couldna��t be further from the truth. Some of the greatest names in history like Winston Churchill took naps on a regular basis. He was quoted saying:

a�?Nature has not intended mankind to work from eight in the morning until midnight without that refreshment of blessed oblivion which, even if it only lasts twenty minutes, is sufficient to renew all the vital forces.a�?

If ita��s okay for the Prime Minister of the UK, then ita��s okay with me.

Try these tips and I guarantee you productivity will skyrocket!

Dennis Crosby hit the scene in 2012 with his bestselling book Becoming the 1%, which hit #1 on Amazon under the time management category. Since then he has built multiple businesses while continuing to write more books. He is currently the founder and CEO of DC Magazines LLC.

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