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Walgreens, Rite Aid, C Stores, Gas Stations, Nutritional Stores Worldwide are selling KABANG Like Crazy

6 Reasons that make Kabang Energy Candy #1

1.) Candy for Kids and Adults
2.) No Caffeine
3.) Nutritional Product
4.) Energy Product
5.) .59 Cents Retail Price
6.) Best Tasting Energy Candy in the World

KABANG Energy Candy is a taking over the energy market. Kabang Energy Candy is the Elite in energy candy. Kabang is made in Italy with highest quality ingredients. Kabang is available in 4 unique flavors (Apple, Cherry, Grape and Watermelon) Kabang Energy Candy contains 100% of Vitamins B6, B12, C plus Ginseng.          

Kabang Contains NO CAFFEINE! Kabang contains only 3 grams of sugar, 15 calories and 5 carbs. When you first try Kabang Energy Candy you won’t believe how great it tastes, and as you get closer to the center you will then have a Blast of more flavor and Energy that Explodes in your mouth. Try Kabang Energy Candy and you will know why Millions of people can’t stop talking about how great it works and taste. Finally a great tasting Energy Candy, that Kids & adults can have without the jitters and the crash. Kabang Energy Candy now has over 2 years of proven tract record for being the #1 Energy Candy in the world.

Each Display Box contains 50 Assorted Pieces

KABANG Energy Candy sells for only .59 cents per piece & 2 for $1.00
Call KABANG Today at 305-665-7958   www.kabangenergycandy.com